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Welcome to Legal Support Services, where providing legal support and assistance, particularly in the area of Legal Research and Writing is all that I do. After nearly a decade of having written hundreds of briefs, memoranda, and motions for attorneys in all regions of the United States and its territories I have decided to perform these tasks as a full time business.

I write extremely accurate, high quality documents for the legal profession. An understanding of the importance of accurate Legal Research and Writing becomes most clear when put into real-world perspective that by most accounts 90% to 95% of all civil litigation is settled pre-trial, often based in motion practice. This means that a practitioner's Legal Research and Writing must be, more often that not, more finely honed that one's trial skills. And, in the realm of Criminal Law nearly 80% of charges are settled pretrial, generally through a plea agreement. This leaves an attorney with such duties as preparing a Sentencing Memoranda on which the length of time one's client may have to serve depends. Accurate Legal Research and Writing is so very vital and with so many practitioners already hard pressed for time the practicality of outsourcing your Legal Research and Writing needs becomes abundantly obvious. When you need to outsource your Legal Research and Writing needs I provide extremely competitive pricing, always agreed to before the work commences, and never bill for "cost overruns." I provide free initial consultation and I will provide samples of my work upon request.

All of the Legal Research and Writing work is done by me personally, insuring optimum quality. As a J.D. candidate I served as a senior associate editor on the Law Journal, as an LL.M. candidate I have written extensively, and have written a 325 page dissertation as an S.J.D. in the area of Regulatory Takings. Additionally, I have had two articles published in scholarly review. Through the years of my educational sojourn I have become exceptionally proficient at Legal Research and Writing.

I have also studied and analyzed many files for consultation purposes. I enjoy a reputation as being someone who thinks "outside of the box" and for often times proposing legal theories that escape traditional legal thinkers. I now offer these Legal Research and Writing and Support Services to the legal community as a whole. I have access to all major legal research websites, Lexis, West, Pacer, etc. as well as a personal law library of over 6000 editions. I look forward to discussing how I may be of service to you.

Legal Research And Writing Support Services We Provide:

  • Briefs - written in any format your jurisdiction requires.
  • Motions - written in any format you or your court requires.
  • Memoranda - written in a clear and concise manner.
  • Consultation - available in many areas of law including criminal, constitutional, and property.

Any and all information contained on this Legal Research and Writing website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or opinion and is not to be used or construed as such. Nothing on this Legal Research and Writing website is to be construed as an attempt to solicit clients for the purposes of legal representation. All services provided are intended for the legal community and legal professionals.

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