Why You Should Use A Research and Writing Professional

There are a myriad of reasons for using outside staff to conduct your vital legal research and writing. And, the importance of each reason actually lies within your particularized need at the time that need arises. One of the greater, and most common, benefits to both you and your client is time efficiency. With many attorneys being pressed between the divergent needs of their many clients and often not able to set their own schedules, the time available, even necessary, to hit the law books or the web becomes severely limited or potentially nonexistent. When faced with pressing deadlines bringing in an independent Research and Writing professional can alleviate the pressures brought on by these time constraints. Because legal research and writing is all that I do, I am, far more often than not, more familiar with the research methods necessary to produce an accurate, up to date, and reliable body of work for my clientele which makes the performance of their work more efficient and, most importantly, more legally reliable and persuasive. By outsourcing your research and writing needs to a trusted and competent practitioner your time can be better spent on the matters that are a more efficient use of your time and your client's budget.

Additionally, the fees charged by this service are a fraction of the amounts at which an attorney typically bills their time. This is cost effective to the client and allows, should the attorney desire, for a mark-up of the rate that is charged allowing the attorney to enhance their bottom line (with the exception of the States of Maryland and Texas). I also have full access to all of the major legal databases. When an attorney has access to a legal database the service contract is, more often than not, limited to a few areas on that particular database. With full access I am able to run more exhaustive searches encompassing all jurisdictions and areas of law. Often I am called upon to research one narrow issue in the much larger case, or to edit, or cite check documents, all of which are inexpensive solutions allowing for the efficient management of your time. Memoranda are drafted in any format that you are comfortable with, and all court documents are written in strict accordance with the Blue Book rules.

While I am exceptionally proficient in nearly all areas of law, I have a high degree of expertise in many areas of law, including but not limited to, Constitutional Law, Takings Law, Criminal Law, and Property Law. Contact me for a consultation regarding your particular needs, I am anxious to discuss them with you thereby enabling you to decide how I may be an asset to you in the furtherance of your client's best interests.

Any and all information contained on this Legal Research and Writing website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or opinion and is not to be used or construed as such. Nothing on this Legal Research and Writing website is to be construed as an attempt to solicit clients for the purposes of legal representation. All services provided are intended for the legal community and legal professionals.

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